Merely participating in a course with us or capturing a photograph with Master Cohen does not validate the status of an individual as a legitimate KMF-AC Instructor.

Authentic KMF-AC Instructors are exclusively those who adhere to our Krav Maga program and utilize our technical passport system. It is through this structured framework that they demonstrate their credibility as genuine KMF-AC Instructors.


1. To ensure authenticity, a genuine KMF-AC Instructor must possess specific certifications adorned with hologram seals. Without these credentials, one cannot be recognized as an official KMF-AC Instructor, as it would imply the usage of fraudulent certificates bearing our logo.

2. For assurance, it is imperative that the instructor furnishes each of their students with the KMF-AC Technical Passport. This ensures that students can confidently confirm that they have been taught the authentic KMF-AC program and not an alternative curriculum.


Welcome to our comprehensive list of official KMF-AC Centers located across the globe.

Kindly note that any school not listed here lacks KMF-AC certification and authorization.

As the KMF-AC federation continues to expand and gain recognition as one of the world’s largest organizations, it is unfortunate that fraudulent instructors may attempt to deceive individuals by claiming affiliation with us. These individuals may employ counterfeit certifications and issue fake certificates to their students. If you have any doubts about a particular school, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

To find a KMF-AC center in your desired country, please select the corresponding option from the dropdown menu at the top.

Additionally, we have provided sample copies of genuine KMF-AC center certificates to facilitate the identification of fraudulent certificates.